1/2L Google My Maps (Portfolio Assessment T4 2016)

Dear Parents and Visitors,

In term 4 in ICT specialist classes, the students have been creating their own maps using Google My Maps from the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education or GAFE). Please browse your child’s map with him/her and ask him/her to explain the process to you. Some students have included photos and information about the Capital Cities of Australia. Unfortunately you cannot view this unless your child is signed in. You can ask your child to do this for you and browse the work together. 

Alyssia’s Map

Archie’s Map

Dimitri’s Map

Gabriel’s Map

Harry’s Map

Jack’s Map

James’ Map

John’s Map

Leah’s Map

Liam’s Map

Luca’s Map

Mila’s Map

Nina’s Map

Olivia’s Map

Paddy’s Map

Pearl’s Map

Sophia’s Map

Tom’s Map

Xavier C’s Map

Xavier S’s Map

Ziah’s Map


Reading to the Preps and Snozzcumber excitement!

During the past week we have been writing narratives that focus on our inquiry question, ‘How do we belong?’ We wrote stories that discuss someone feeling like they don’t belong and that include a resolution that has a strategy to help the character feel they belong. We shared out narratives with the Preps so they could learn some strategies to use.

‘Hi! It’s Giselle. We read a story about belonging. In the first place I was a bit nervous and I started to get happy when I was reading and I enjoyed it.’ – Giselle

‘Hi, it’s Sienna. I like my book because it is good and great. The two Preps that I read it too said, ‘I like it!’ and that it was good,’ -Sienna

‘I felt proud to read my book to the Preps. It was hard work but it became easier. A narrative has a lot of steps to do. My narrative was titled ‘The Silly Monkeys” -Ross

‘We made picture books about belonging and to complete our essential question, ‘How do we belong?’– Mark

Here are some strategies you can use in life when you feel that you don’t belong:

  • Have some alone time to relax
  • If someone is being unkind, say ‘Stop it, I don’t like what you’re doing.’
  • Play with somebody else and start a new game
  • Take steps to solve the problem

Remember, it is ok to be different because that is what makes us interesting and special.IMG_2349 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2356 IMG_2357 IMG_2358


In other exciting news…

Ross bought in a giant zucchini from his garden. We think it’s actually a Snozzcumber from the BFG!IMG_2347 IMG_2348

I was 1 metre long and almost as tall as Olivia M, Alessiah and Kiara!




Welcome to 1/2L’s Blog!

Can you believe that we are ready to start a brand new year?!


This year, our blog will be focusing on sharing all the exciting new learning that we are doing in 1/2L. We have 24 children in our class. There are 11 boys and 13 girls in our class.

We live in the city of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia.

This is most of our class. (Emily, John and William were absent on this day).

Our Inquiry topic that we are researching this term is ‘How Do We Belong?’

Today we sent some people from our class out during lunchtime to investigate how people are inclusive at our school.


  • We found out that people on our yard show kindness by letting others join into their games (such as Tiggy, Soccer, Football, playing shops and 4 Square).
  • We learnt that when we smile at people it makes them feel included, happy and a part of our school community.

We are going to try to say hello and smile at people that we don’t know to make them feel that they belong.


IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2257

What do YOU do to make people feel they belong?

Puppet Perfection

We have had SO much fun working with our artist in residence, Jenny Ellis. Last Friday, we participated in a workshop  to prepare for our puppet installation on Thursday, the 18th of September.





What do you think about our artwork? Let us know!


Chick Diary- Day 4

IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1502 IMG_1504

Our chicks are growing! There was a minor chick emergency (or so we thought), as we discovered a large lump on the necks of some of the chicks. Miss Poole was worried that the chicks were sick and called Lyn from ‘Living Eggs’. She told us not to panic, our chicks weren’t sick!

The lump on their neck is called a crop. When the chicks over-eat, they can get a ‘full crop’ and feel sick. The chicks have had their food taken away from them for a few hours so that they stay healthy.

‘Today the chicks were very hungry. They seemed to be getting along with each other, as they weren’t fighting. Some of the chicks are growing bigger wings and are beginning to fly very short distances’ – Paul

‘I think the chicks are really cute and they are growing so fast. It is really fun to observe them. When I observed them, one of the chicks was pecking another. Then that chick got the other one back!’ – Alessia.D.

Please write your ‘I wonder’ questions/ wonderings in the comment section.


Egg Diary- Day 2

What an thrilling day! 3/4LPs chicks have started to hatch!


Here are our updates:

Today I came in and saw a lot of very cute chicks. I thought the yellow one was really cute!! I am very excited because one of our eggs is pipping. We now have 6 eggs.


A chick just got out of it’s egg! it was a great experience because I got to see it get out of the egg LIVE!! – Allegra

Today as I walked through the classroom door I was so excited to see seven hatched chicks waiting to be found. I cannot wait to hold them. I wonder what their names will be? There are six black chicks and one gold chick. I want the next chick to be a gold one. – Narcia

Last night a gold and black chick hatched. It looks like the chicks have different personalities. So far, we’ve got seven out of ten chicks that have hatched. Will we get any more?- Emma C.

Today was a very special day because last night four eggs hatched. When everybody came into the room they were so excited to see them. One of the chicks is golden and the rest are all black. They are so cute! – Isabelle M.

Today is the third day that we had newborn chicks. We drew different colour lines on the eggs to identify which ones have hatched. The two eggs that hatched were the green and yellow eggs that were born on the 30th of July overnight. The next chick that hatched was the blue egg, that hatched on the 30th of July. Just now, an egg hatched! It hatched at 11.30am on the 31st of July. That is what happened on the third day of adopting these gorgeous chicks. – Monique

Day 1-Today I walked in and saw ten eggs on Miss Poole’s desk. We heard chirping from the green egg and the yellow egg chirped faintly. No sign of pipping or chirping from the red one.

Day 2- We walked in and saw two eggs that had hatched. Green and yellow were the ones that hatched.

Today- Today when I walked into the classroom I saw that four of the other eggs had hatched. Later on another egg hatched. – Charlotte


Our chickies moved house today and went into their brooding box. They appear to love it there!


We returned from recess and found out that something fascinating was happening…one of our chicks was hatching! This was the first live hatching that we had witnessed, as the other occurred overnight.



Out came…a black chick!IMG_1461

What should we name our chicks? Can you think of any suggestions?

Egg Diary- Day 1


Today was a terrific day, as it was our first day with our chicken eggs. This morning when we arrived at school, we were thrilled to discover ten chicken eggs in an incubator on Miss Poole’s desk.

Our chicks need ideal living conditions so that they can grow safely.

Hatching eggs need:

  • To stay at a temperature of 37.7C
  • To remain dry and warm

Baby chicks need:

  • Accessible fresh food and water, which is changed every day
  • A clean, warm brooder box to live in
  • Sawdust to nest in and to help them stay warm
  • A calm, quiet environment to grow in

This is a brooding box. It includes a water bowl, feed bowl and a heat lamp. It is lined with cosy newspaper and fluffy sawdust. We have set up our brooding box in anticipation of our chick’s arrival.



Miss Poole did a demonstration of how to set up the brooder box. We will each take turns to clean it during the day. IMG_1352[1]


Each day we are collecting data on four of our eggs. We recorded all the behaviours that we thought the chicks are likely to display. This is our data so far. There has only been action from the green marked chick, which we can hear chirping inside it’s egg. No pipping has occurred.

IMG_1367                                   We can’t wait for our eggs to hatch!

IMG_1365[1]                                   Has your school ever had chickens? What are your tips on raising chicks? Perhaps you’ve even had chickens in your backyard or farm! We’d love to hear your comments!




How provocative!

The beginning of our term has started with a buzz of excitement! During  Inquiry, we provoked our minds by studying  photos and paintings. We began to think about our driving question, ‘How can we use the arts to explain science?’

MonetDa Vinci Horse

In Religion, we watched some interesting Youtube clips about our environment. We were shocked to see the impact that humans can have on our environment and reflected on the role that God gave humans as the guardians of the Earth.

You may wish to watch them too!

Here are the links:

Silva the Seal

TED Talk: How The Oceans Clean Themselves



Inquiry Update- Using De Bono’s Hats

This term our essential Inquiry question is, ‘What makes me a good learner?’

So far, we have taken part in a provocation on the first day of school, where Miss Poole tricked us into researching together to find information about the brain. She didn’t help us at all! We did a pretty good job, however it made us realise what skills we need to work effectively.

We learnt about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and completed a survey to show us what type of learner we are.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

‘I found out I’m Music, Body and Picture Smart because I like music, sport and art.’- Emma B.

‘I found out that I am Music Smart. I think this is because I like to sing, I play a musical instrument and I find sounds fascinating.’ – Jamie

‘I found out that I am Body and Music Smart by doing the Multiple Intelligences quiz, because I scored highly in these categories’ – Monique

‘I found out that I am Body Smart, Body Smart means you like to play sport.’ -Narcia

‘I found out that I am Music Smart and Picture Smart. I know I’m Picture Smart because I LOVE to draw.’- Allegra

‘I found out I am Group Smart, Music Smart and a Maths and Logic Smart person.’ – Isabelle L

5 Dispositions of a Learner

We focused on the dispositions of Communicator and Callaborator while we were doing P.E. Check us out!IMG_1016 IMG_1023 IMG_1021 IMG_1005 IMG_1002

It made playing together so much more relaxed when we knew we had to focus on these skills.

Today we used De Bono’s Hats to think in different ways about the topic, ‘Is testing good for helping kids learn?’  Look at our wonderful on paper discussions!


What thinking tools are you using in your classroom?