1/2L Google My Maps (Portfolio Assessment T4 2016)

Dear Parents and Visitors,

In term 4 in ICT specialist classes, the students have been creating their own maps using Google My Maps from the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education or GAFE). Please browse your child’s map with him/her and ask him/her to explain the process to you. Some students have included photos and information about the Capital Cities of Australia. Unfortunately you cannot view this unless your child is signed in. You can ask your child to do this for you and browse the work together. 

Alyssia’s Map

Archie’s Map

Dimitri’s Map

Gabriel’s Map

Harry’s Map

Jack’s Map

James’ Map

John’s Map

Leah’s Map

Liam’s Map

Luca’s Map

Mila’s Map

Nina’s Map

Olivia’s Map

Paddy’s Map

Pearl’s Map

Sophia’s Map

Tom’s Map

Xavier C’s Map

Xavier S’s Map

Ziah’s Map