1/2L Google My Maps (Portfolio Assessment T4 2016)

Dear Parents and Visitors,

In term 4 in ICT specialist classes, the students have been creating their own maps using Google My Maps from the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education or GAFE). Please browse your child’s map with him/her and ask him/her to explain the process to you. Some students have included photos and information about the Capital Cities of Australia. Unfortunately you cannot view this unless your child is signed in. You can ask your child to do this for you and browse the work together. 

Alyssia’s Map

Archie’s Map

Dimitri’s Map

Gabriel’s Map

Harry’s Map

Jack’s Map

James’ Map

John’s Map

Leah’s Map

Liam’s Map

Luca’s Map

Mila’s Map

Nina’s Map

Olivia’s Map

Paddy’s Map

Pearl’s Map

Sophia’s Map

Tom’s Map

Xavier C’s Map

Xavier S’s Map

Ziah’s Map


Our Coding Screencasts!

This term, the Year 1/2 students learned about coding and completed activities on the code.org site. Each student created a screencast with Ms Fitzgerald, where they completed one of the coding activities and explaining the thinking behind it. The students would love for visitors to comment on their work!

Alyssia’s Coding Screencast

Archie’s Coding Screencast

Gabriel’s Coding Screencast

Harry’s Coding Screencast

Jack’s Coding Screencast

James’ Coding Screencast

John’s Coding Screencast

Leah’s Coding Screencast

Liam’s Coding Screencast

Luca’s Coding Screencast

Mila’s Coding Screencast

Nina’s Coding Screencast

Paddy’s Coding Screencast

Pearl’s Coding Screencast

Sophia’s Coding Screencast

Tom’s Coding Screencast

Xavier C’s Coding Screencast

Xavier S’s Coding Screencast

Ziah’s Coding Screencast


Cool Coding Class!

1/2L are learning how to code in ICT.  Coding can be helpful in many ways:

We saw coding being used on ’60 Minutes’. A boy designed a type of technology for his mum’s mailbox so that when someone puts mail in, his mum gets a message via email. He has used coding to make this technology work – Alyssia

On 60 minutes, we saw two girls make a small camera on which they can text their grandpa. They used coding to make the camera work. It’s as small as a tic-tac box! Olivia

In a classroom students each have a card with their name and a code and they have made a device which scans the cards so the teacher doesn’t have to take a roll. Harry

Coding is used at the swimming pool, gyms and work places to allow people entry in. 

Supermarkets use coding when scanning items which customers are buying.

Coding is used to program robots. Leah

Skills we learn through Coding:

In coding we have learned about debugging. Debugging is fixing a mistake that the computer has made already -Nina

We use algorithms in coding. Algorithms are the patterns you program for your technology – Liam and Luca

We are learning directions: North, South, East and West, up, down, left and right. James & Pearl