Week 3, 4 & 5 Overview


During Literacy sessions this term students will be participating in activities that support our Inquiry unit, ‘Why are we made the way we are?’

In Reading we will be continuing to focus on the strategies of Activating Prior Knowledge, Visualising and Summarising. Students will also be exploring the features of information texts and defining the difference between fiction and non fiction texts.

In Writing, we are developing our understanding of how to compose information texts.

Students will be referring to their new knowledge about animals (gained through animal observations) to plan, compose, edit and publish their own information reports.


In Maths, we will be continuing our unit about Place Value. Students will be learning a vast range of counting strategies that they will be able to apply when completing addition and subtraction equations.

Some ways that you can assist your child with this are:

  • Using a ruler as a number line and asking them to skip count forwards and backwards along the number line
  • Quiz them on ‘doubles facts’ eg. 2 + 2 =4, 10 + 10 =20
  • Ask students to identify the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands value in a given number. Eg. The number is: 784. How many tens are there? How many hundreds are there?


We are having a very exciting few weeks in Inquiry, as we prepare for and reflect on our excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo. Students are acting as scientists as they make observations about different animals and investigate how animal’s features help them to survive. At Werribee Open Range Zoo, the students will have the opportunity to participate in a Habitat Detectives program, where they will be exploring the different habitats that creatures have and how they have adapted to suit their habitats.


We are exploring the essential question, ‘What is my role as a steward?’

As a class, we will be considering the messages in the creation stories from the Old Testament and reflecting on how we can be stewards of God’s creation.

At home, you can discuss the ways that your family acts as stewards of God’s creation, perhaps you always recycle, use green bags or limit your water waste? Consider how these actions reflect the message in Genesis 1: 26.

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